'Cloud' Dangle Earrings

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MARAYNA is the head accessory lady over at Kenzie Collective. Known as the 'Accessory Queen', fun, statement and vibrant pieces is her thang! Throw in her absolute love of colour and you've got some unique, kick ass bling! Get a pair of highly sought after 'Kenzie Collective' dangles on your lobes, STAT :-) Qty's never last long and sell out super fast........

Made from a variety of layered 3-5mm acrylic colours and finishes.

The acrylic base (which the earring post is glued to) measures approx.20mm wide x 27mm tall. 

Main dangle measures approx.40mm wide x 60mm tall.

Total length is approx. 87.5mm.

*** STATEMENT DANGLES - You may not be used to wearing statement dangles and that is completely A-OK. Please keep in mind that these pieces are slightly heavier than your standard dangle earrings. They vary in weight from approx. 15g - 25g per piece. 

The acrylic pieces are attached via a tightly closed silver plated jump ring.

Please note that we only use high quality flat-pad 304 Surgical Stainless Steel earring posts which are of hospital grade, both lead and nickel free. Perfect for those with sensitive ears.

Price includes GST.

COLOURS: Due to the difference in computer monitors, it can be difficult to accurately represent the actual colours of each product. We have tried our very best to represent the colours as closely as possible. 

About the earrings:
We don't like to do things the easy way at Kenzie Collective. What's the fun in that! Each dangle is handmade in Townsville, North Queensland. Constructing these pieces of art is a definite task. Taking hours upon hours of piecing together each individual piece of acrylic, know that you are purchasing a pair of unique earrings that have been made with love, devotion and absolute awesomeness! 

Care instructions:
Guys, treat these kindly! Seriously, you need to make sure that you store these absolute beauties safetly. Acrylic is not meant to be dropped on ANY surface, stood on, worn in water, exposed to extreme heat or inconsistent temperatures or submerged in jelly...... (hell no!). These pieces are works of art and may not be suitable for day to day wear, depending what your job is. I wouldn't wear these on a construction site, as a telephone operator or aerobic instructor. 

We will not be held responsible for breakage to your pieces. Each piece of jewellery will arrive safely bubble wrapped and enclosed within our very own calico storage bag. When not wearing these accessories, we suggest wrapping them in bubble wrap and storing them back in the calico bag.  


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