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'Metallic Colour - Blue' Stud Earrings

'Metallic Colour - Blue' Stud Earrings

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Handmade earrings by Wicked Laine.

These stylish earrings are made from a combination of polymer clay & metallic foil, coated in resin. All resin items are freshly polished before delivery to ensure a sleek finish.

* Stainless Steel earring posts
* Earring comfort backs

Width: 20mm
Height: 30mm

*Handle with care, as I can be fragile*
- Remove before bed.
- Do not expose to water (e.g. shower, swimming).
- To clean, wipe gently with damp cloth. Do NOT rinse under water or use rubbing alcohol.
- Avoid dropping items as this can lead to weakening and damages.
- Store in a dry, cool & clean space that does not get too much sun exposure.
- Be mindful of how you store your earrings, as sharp objects can scratch its facade.
- If travelling, transport earrings in a container/box or dedicated earring travel holder. Do not loosely store earrings in a handbag, purse, or suitcase.
- Avoid exposure to chemicals (i.e deodorant, hairspray, household cleaning products, perfumes, cosmetics).

COLOUR CHOICES: Technology is not all the same which means there will be a difference in the colours you see on the screen. Sometimes, due to these technical issues, it can be a little tricky to accurately represent the physical colours of each product. We have tried our very best to show you the colours of each product as closely as possible. Still, if you are unsure, always ask to see more pictures! 

*** NOTE *** Each piece is lovingly handmade which means no two pairs of earrings are the same. There will be some slight variations between each pair. Your earrings may look slightly different to those pictured. That is one of the characteristics of purchasing handmade. Unique, personalised pieces that will turn heads wherever you go! 

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