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'Patchy' Head Ties

  • $2200

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Head Ties for the pastel princess and the colour lovers . Ethically designed and hand made in Melbourne by Anna Owens. Custom textile design by renowned Melbourne based Artist Laura Blythman.


  • Adults (10 y/o +)
  • Curved edge finish to complete a feminine and chic look
  • Although cut from the same fabric, pattern & colour will vary with each head tie offering a look that is uniquely yours
  • Don’t forget to be matchy matchy in patchy with your mini

Hand wash sparingly in cold water with extra care.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

COLOURS: Due to the difference in computer monitors, it can be difficult to accurately represent the actual colours of each product. We have tried our very best to represent the colours as closely as possible.