'Pinky Palooza - Small' Planter Sack

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We are your 'Ultimate Accessory Destination' and the place where you know uniqueness is EVERYWHERE!!!!! 💘🌈 Have a scroll through our website and get creative when it comes to matching (and clashing!) your accessories. ✴️

'Pinky Palooza' a design created by Angela from 'Wildone Creative' exclusively for us! ❤️️🧁️💙 We have joined forces with a whole bunch of fabulous small business owners to bring you an epic collection that will have people gasping in excitement and strangers stopping you in your tracks wanting to know 'What are you wearing?!?!' 💕 Life is too short to follow the crowds. 

Small sack - perfect to pimp your pots! 

Height - 24cm

Width - 17cm 

Care:  We recommend to try spot washing with a lightly dampened cloth for any spots or marks. If that doesn't work, hand washing in cold water should do the trick. When you open your storage pouch up, if it's not sitting right after being folded, give the inside an iron in a rolling motion to flatten any creases out.



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