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'Squiggle Me Happy' Wristlet

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We are your 'Ultimate Accessory Destination' and the place where you know uniqueness is EVERYWHERE!!!!! 💘🌈 Have a scroll through our website and get creative when it comes to matching (and clashing!) your accessories. ✴️

'Squiggle Me Happy' a design created by Angela from 'Wildone Creative' exclusively for us! ❤️️🧁️💙 We have joined forces with a whole bunch of fabulous small business owners to bring you an epic collection that will have people gasping in excitement and strangers stopping you in your tracks wanting to know 'What are you wearing?!?!' 💕 Life is too short to follow the crowds. 

The epitome of pretty and practical.  

No pockets, no problem!

Wristlet key fobs have been designed with comfort, care and colour in mind.  Now you can always keep hold of your keys whold having both hands free for coffee runs, popping to the shops, walking the dog or dropping off the kids.

Made with 100% reinforced cotton, the wristlet fob is tactile, lightweight and washable.

Washable in a cool wash, stretch back into shape when damp and iron on medium if required.


Length - 14cm

Width - 2.5cm


NOTE: Each piece will vary in design placement as every item is individually handmade with love and not mass produced in a warehouse off shore. Keep that in mind! Your product will look different to that pictured above. However, know that your product has been made with love and that no one else in the world will have the exact same piece. Now that is pretty special, don't you think!

COLOUR CHOICES: Technology is not all the same which means there will be a difference in the colours you see on the screen. Sometimes, due to these technical issues, it can be a little tricky to accurately represent the physical colours of each product. We have tried our very best to show you the colours of each product as closely as possible. Still, if you are unsure, always ask to see more pictures!

CARE: Don’t be lazy! Care for your earrings and always store your accessories CAREFULLY! Return them to a safe place after wearing them as being careless will see a such shorter life span and trust us, no one wants that! For more information in regards to looking after your earrings, please head to the ‘Care Instructions’ tab, on our website. We offer lots of tips and tricks! 

Phew! That pretty much covers it. But, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. However, be prepared, we love a good chat!


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