'Take My Hand' Dangle Earrings - CHOOSE COLOUR

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We are your 'Ultimate Accessory Destination' and the place where you know uniqueness is EVERYWHERE!!!!! 💘🌈 Have a scroll through our website and get creative when it comes to matching (and clashing!) your accessories. ✴️

'You Can Sit Here' is the OFFICIAL earring collection handmade by US! The 'Kindness Is Power' design is created by Brisbane based designer, Kasey Rainbow as part of Campaign 2 - You Can Sit Here 💜 😎 
The 'You Can Sit Here' campaign is centered around kindness, social inclusion and a stand against bullying! 
When Kasey Rainbow designed these fabrics, she wanted to keep them lighthearted and fun, whilst still projecting a powerful message.  They were made with superheroes in mind, as after all, kindness IS a superpower.
We will be kindly donating 15% of our profits to @friend_in_me - a not for profit organisation who proudly do all they can to make children feel welcome everywhere! 
We look forward to your support on our campaign and by helping us raise funds and awareness, we are supporting children (and adults) whilst teaching everyone that kindness always wins! 
In total, we have on offer 7 pairs of studs, x 1 pair of dangles & x1 pair of statement dangles! Yippee! Everyone is a winner 💜
Note - these pieces WILL NOT be restocked as they have purely been designed for this particular campaign. Once we sell out, that is it! All gone...bye bye...catch ya later *gator*!

Treat yourself and indulge in some UNIQUE pieces that will most certainly turn heads and start conversations!!! 🎉

MATERIALS: Want to know what your earrings are made from? Super light acrylic which is 3mm in thickness. 

Just like you, so many of us have ears that are ultra-sensitive to chemicals and certain metals and honestly, I want to wear earrings that are ‘nasty’ free. Rest assure that we only use high quality flat-pad 304 Surgical Stainless-Steel earring posts which are of hospital grade. Yes, this means that they are both lead and nickel free. Yessssss! Perfecto for those peeps with sensitive ears (like me!).

SIZE: Now, we all want to know just how big each earring is so, we have very thoughtfully provided some approx.. measurements for you. Grab a ruler + a piece of paper and measure this out….

The dangle topper measures approx. 20mm wide x 20mm tall.

The dangle component measures approx. 25mm wide x 45mm tall. 

When it comes to dangles, all of our carefully attached jump rings are plated. The size of the jump ring will vary according to the size of the dangle.

COLOUR CHOICES: Technology is not all the same which means there will be a difference in the colours you see on the screen. Sometimes, due to these technical issues, it can be a little tricky to accurately represent the physical colours of each product. We have tried our very best to show you the colours of each product as closely as possible. Still, if you are unsure, always ask to see more pictures!

This particular piece will vary is design placement. No two pieces are the same and your piece may look slightly different to that pictured above. When using artwork like the one pictured above, we try and showcase as much of the overall design as possible. By doing this, each piece of acrylic we work with, will look different to the next. Please note, this is not a flaw and considered a very unique characteristic of this particular product. 

CARE: Don’t be lazy! Care for your earrings and always store your accessories CAREFULLY! Return them to a safe place after wearing them as being careless will see a much shorter life span and trust us, no one wants that! For more information in regards to looking after your earrings, please head to the ‘Care Instructions’ tab, on our website. We offer lots of tips and tricks!  

Phew! That pretty much covers it. But, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. However, be prepared, we love a good chat!

All of this information remains property of Kenzie Collective. Anyone who is caught using this information directly will get a nice little email from our Legal team x

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