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'Creamy Ice Dreamy' Collection

'I LOVE ME' Collection

'It's Showtime' Collection

'Tinsel Ratti' Collection

August Releases


Bexie Clay

Billy Goat Button

Blue Beetle Co

Bob & Frank

Bon Maxie

Bon Maxie X Kenzie

Boo and Boo Factory

Bubble Lane Soap

Bubble O Bill Restock

Candy Mint Designs

Catchy Attitude X Kenzie

Cave & Reki X Kenzie

Chickpea Handmade

Colours By Liz

Concrete Jellyfish


December Releases

Did Someone Say Colour?

Easter 2018

Ellie Whittaker X Kenzie


Emma Jones Art


Feeling Kissy

Gift Voucher

Girt Squad

Glisten Designs


Hello Billy Button

Hello Hollie

Hello There Cheeky

Hello There Cheeky X Kenzie


Into The Bright

Jericho Road Clothing X Kenzie

July Releases

June Releases

Kablooie Store X Ellie Whittaker X Kenzie

Kaiju Candy

Karla Cola

Karla Cola X Kenzie

Katie Whyte X Kenzie

KENZIE - Badge/Brooch

KENZIE - Dangle Earrings

KENZIE - Necklaces

KENZIE - New Releases

KENZIE - Rings

KENZIE - Stud Earrings

Liona Lee Designs

Little Party Dress X Kenzie

Lovell Jewels

Made by Pearl

Make Merriness

Marli Bean Designs

Marlo & The Sailor

May Releases

Mayo Baby Collection

Maypole Designs

Meg Makes

Megnut Owl

Megnut Owl X Kenzie

Mel Thurley X Kenzie

Miss Kelly Made in Tasmania

Miss Kelly Made in Tasmania


Monochrome On Edge

Murphy & Me

Murphy Made Jewellery


Noosh Jewellery

Noosh Jewellery X Kenzie

November Releases

October Releases


OwnsIt! X Kenzie

Pallarenda Collection

Pebble + Fred

Pine and Apple

Polly Collective

Poppy Lane Designs


Renee Damiani

Renee Loves Frances X Kenzie

saff & sassi


Salvation Jewellery

Saturday Lollipop

Scarf Girl

Seeking Hazel

September Releases

Shanghai Suzy

Shimona Designs

Shimona Designs X Kenzie


Simply Alfie

T-Leaf Collections X Kenzie

Teacher Restock Goodies

Topknot Girl

Topknot Girl X Kenzie

Violets & Poppies

Zonkt Designs X Kenzie