> The Lady behind Kenzie Collective

The Lady behind Kenzie Collective

With an established and much-loved career in the education sector, Marayna was a proud and dedicated primary school teacher. Educating a class full of kids was her absolute passion and she would bound out of bed every morning, ready and raring to go and make a difference in each of these small humans’ lives.


But that all suddenly changed (as these things tend to do!) when she and her husband welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Mackenzie, into the world. Faster than greased lightning, Marayna’s whole perspective on life changed and, without a word of warning, suddenly all she really wanted to do was to get all creative with her love of colour and be a stay at home mum for little Kenzie… You can see where this is going, right?


In an explosion of energy and with her trademark high levels of enthusiasm, Marayna started her own business designing and creating fashion accessories. To honour her muse, she named the business after her delightful daughter and so, less than a year after she gave birth to Mackenzie, Kenzie Collective was 

also born.

Marayna and Drew, along with their two gorgeous kidney beans, Mackenzie and Jim, relocated from Queensland to South Australia in 2018 for a job opportunity for Drew. Fully embracing the Adelaide Hills lifestyle, they love spending time out and about in nature, spotting koalas and kookaburras, or journeying down to the beach to catch a ray or two of sunshine.


Marayna loves:

  • red wine (that’s a food group, right?)
  • looooong bushwalks with her fur-babies – Maverick and Logan (the best dang Border Collies that ever existed!)
  • the incredible variety of delicious vegan options available in the Adelaide Hills
  • keeping it real
  • getting stuck into a good F45 training session and sweating the *F* out
  • the fact that you’re here!