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'Pineapple' Mini Decorative Plant Stake - CHOOSE COLOUR

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We are your 'Ultimate Accessory Destination' and the place where you know uniqueness is EVERYWHERE!!!!! 💘🌈 Have a scroll through our website and get creative when it comes to matching (and clashing!) your accessories. ✴️

Know that at Kenzie Collective, you are purchasing UNIQUE & Statement accessories that will have heads turning, in the streets! Oh, and prepare to strike up conversations with strangers cause EVERYONE will want to know where your earrings have come from! They are out of this WORLD! 💓

We are taking a giant leap into the amazing world of #indoorplants 🌵 Say a big *hello* to our new.......................'Ready...Set...Grow!' Collection

It is time to bling and *colour bomb* those pots, peeps. I'm talking about snazzing up your already fabulous indoor plants. Choose from an amazing range of planter sticks & accessories, right here! 🌵 Oh, and guess what? We made them! Yep, made right here in Oz [now that is pretty darn fabulous, right?!?]

MATERIALS: 3mm acrylic so please, be kind! Acrylic will break if dropped or force is applied. 

SIZE: 4cm wide x 16cm tall

COLOUR CHOICES: Now, this is important! Many of our listings provide multiple colour choices. In cases like this, you NEED to use the dropdown menu box to make your colour selection. Clearly, we will not be held responsible for an incorrect colour choice so please, take your time and make sure that you have chosen the correct colour.

Technology is not all the same which means there will be a difference in the colours you see on the screen. Sometimes, due to these technical issues, it can be a little tricky to accurately represent the physical colours of each product. We have tried our very best to show you the colours of each product as closely as possible. Still, if you are unsure, always ask to see more pictures!

CARE: Please read this information very carefully as we will not be held responsible for careless handling! 

- We only recommend inserting your plant stake into moist soil. DO NOT try to push your planter into soil that is dry. This applies too much pressure to the stake and sadly may cause breakage. 

- When inserting your plant stick, hold towards the bottom of the stick. This will give the 3mm acrylic as much support as possible. Insert gently!  

- If in need of a clean, use a microfibre cloth.

- Keep out of reach from small hands. Small hands like to break things. Small hands = a very sad plant parent [trust me!]

Note: As of 1st January 2021, there will be a price increase on this particular product. 

All of this information remains property of Kenzie Collective. Anyone who is caught using this information directly will get a nice little email from our Legal team x


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